Kenneth Thomas
Fictional Writer
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Why I Write

Thank you for your interest in purchasing my first novel, Smartest Ant on the Planet. After a decade of procrastination and apprehension, I decided to finally put pen to paper or should I say, fingers to keyboard. This first novel is one of three stories I had cluttering my brain and banging on the interior of my skull to be published. The other two novels will also be of the dystopian and science fiction genre.

Science and science fiction (i.e., Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.) has always been a love of mine and early in my life I dreamt of working in the space industry, but I was unable to fulfill those dreams. Other than my two beautiful and intelligent daughters, this will be my third legacy I will leave for mankind, which I hope will inspire my fellow humans to dream of venturing to the moon and beyond. I hope you enjoy my first venture into writing and depending on the popularity of this novel; I will soon start on the sequel to my first novel, which will be entitled: Smartest Ant on the Planet, The Colonization of the Moon.

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Smartest Ant on the Planet
A dystopian fictional novel is about a man that has been medically endowed with the ability to access twenty-five percent of his brain. He uses his newly acquired genius to force humanity forward in its' evolutionary journey. He sacrifices his career, finances and even his family for his fellow human beings. The question is, will humanity judge him as a monster or their savior?

Paperback Price: $19.99 and eBook Price: $3.12